Rapport building skills
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Rapport building skills

What is rapport?

Rapport building skills, like any other skills can be learned and developed.

How good one gets would depend on the person's desired outcome. What is your desired outcome in this area? To establish rapport with any person, at any point in time?

Rapport is established by matching and mirroring the 3 elements in communication.

They are the Physiology, Tonality & Words.

Physiology takes up 55% of our communication. Eg. You could be telling me that you enjoy your food but your face tells me otherwise.

Have you been in a situation where you have been given a treat by your friend at her Deepavali open house and the host later asks you how you liked the food? Oh... Aunty, the food was delicious! Aunty was of cause quite happy with your remark but wonders why you didn't finish your dessert. You get the picture...

You'd be surprised how much information you get by having sensory acuity.

Tonality makes up 38% of our communication.

Aunty was quite pleased with your remark because it sounded pleasant.

Words make up 7%. You did use the word delicious...

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