Some Helpful NLP Tips For Building A Strong Bonding
Neurolinguistic Programming

Some Helpful NLP Tips For Building A Strong Bonding

The Neuro Linguistic Programming offers some amazing tips for effective rapport building with just anybody. The method is a creation of 1970s and has gradually gained a wide popularity throughout the world. NLP is also very simple to learn and takes only a few minutes. Hence you can easily manipulate people with these subtle tricks. Below are given some important steps to follow.

The first Neuro Linguistic Programming tip for rapport building is termed as "say my name, say my name". According to it, calling any body by her first name has tremendous pulling power. For example, when you wish your friend Thomas to pass the pepper, it sounds better if you say "Thomas, please get me the pepper" than "Please get me the pepper". The NLP practitioners say that this technique brings an immediate inter connection between the person and you. Besides, you feel easier to place your personal statements when you have a comfortable connection with another person. Same goes with the other individual. But avoid overdoing it; otherwise it might lose its charm.

The second effective tip is "fake it or pretend until you make it". You would actually have to behave in such a way that shows that you have an excellent rapport with the audience already. Basically, we all know that when we have a strong bonding with somebody, we act differently. We become more open and relaxed.

These strong relationships involve certain particular voice tone, gestures or postures. Now, if you start pretending that you actually have a strong rapport with the audience, you will gradually start following these physical mannerisms too. As a result, the other person would respond accordingly.

The third technique is termed as "mirroring" or mimicry. It implies copying your respondent's word choices or mannerisms. It helps a lot because similar manners or actions tend to provoke closeness and in turn leads to a strong rapport. But do not over do it, as it may offend your respondent.

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