NLP Persuasion Techniques - 3 Powerful NLP Persuasion Techniques to Easily Get What You Want
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NLP Persuasion Techniques - 3 Powerful NLP Persuasion Techniques to Easily Get What You Want

A lot of psychologists and hypnotherapists depend on NLP persuasion techniques when dealing with their patients. This is because NLP (short for Neuro-linguistic Programming) has an uncanny reach into a person's subconscious, making it easier for the said patient to accept new behavioral patterns.

However, NLP persuasion techniques are making their way outside clinics. Anyone who wants to take control of their life can easily harness the power of NLP. With the following tactics, you can easily convince people to accept your point of view and follow your lead.

NLP Persuasion Technique # 1: Use "When You" During Conversations.

NLP persuasion techniques are known for being subtle. These methods are meant to be as natural as possible to avoid arousing suspicion.
One technique involves using the words "when you" during conversations. For example, you want to convince your partner to check out the latest open house an hour's drive away from home. Tell that person, "When you see what the place looks like, I'm sure you won't regret it!"
Your statement creates the illusion that your partner has already decided to go and therefore, makes it easier for him to go along with your suggestion.

NLP Persuasion Technique # 2: Use The Words They Often Use.

You might be surprised to find out how people often like to use the same words over and over again. Some people favor the word "Amazing" whenever they find something really impressive. You can use that to your advantage.

For example, your boss loves saying "amazing" to describe his newest car or his newest LCD television. If you have an idea you'd like to pitch, use the word "amazing" in one or two of your sentences. Say "I have an amazing proposal for you" or "Product X is pretty amazing."

By using the same word your boss uses to describe top-of-the-line products or really good stuff, you are making him associate your pitch with the things he really finds well... amazing.

NLP Persuasion Technique # 3: Use Their Name.

Another powerful method involves using a person's name during a conversation. Names have an incredible power over people. Using a person's name automatically forms some sort of connection between you and the said person.

For example, you want to ask your co-worker to help you bring up a few boxes of files from the storage room. Instead of just saying, "Hey, can you help me bring up a few boxes from the storage room?" you can say, "Brandon, can you help me bring up a few boxes from the storage room? Thanks, Brandon! I really appreciate your help."

NLP persuasion techniques do not need to shout in order to be effective. Therein lies the beauty of this power. It's simple and it works!

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