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NLP Cult Recruitment

The NLP Cult members are the recruitment agents. Once they have been awarded NLP Practitioner status they use their persuasion techniques to manipulate anyone they know or meet to attempt to lure them into the cult. The first step is usually a free seminar often 2 or 3 days over a weekend. Once there the potential victim will be subjected to more manipulation and the hard sell to get them to pay for a NLP Practitioner course (full NLP Cult membership). Fake schools are a very common recruitment tactic amongst cults.

This blog post describes what happens at these free seminars

??? quoting Einstein and other famous scientists. These statements were taken completely out of context and used to support ideas that the people being quoted probably would not have agreed with.?

?He got us to do all these exercises where we'd write down things that we want out of life or something like that, and then we'd have to find someone we've never met and read our list to them...and then high-five them and say, "you?re awesome!" hehehe. Anyway, the last time this happened before the break, he suddenly informed us that the person we had just met was our partner for the weekend. Now this was all really cleverly orchestrated to manipulate us into remaining for the whole weekend. We were told to tell our partner why we were going to give it our 100% etc. and I thought, I'm not definitely going to stay, but there is no point in being here if I'm not going to give it 100% while I'm here.?

?Anyway, it was hard to get my girlfriend to leave with me, not because she wanted to stay, but because she felt bad about ditching her 'partner' when she'd just made all of these promises to him. I explained that that was one of the very reasons I did want to leave, and I convinced her and we left. I felt like shit afterwards. I felt emotionally drained...and I was only there for two hours. The full thing went from 9AM-11PM on friday sat and sunday. I would've been a fucking Zombie by then.?

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On my Facebook page I shared a link to the following satirical site: I found it quite amusing in the way it lampoons NLP and NLPers. Underneath the picture with ?Richard Bandler The Art of Free Stupidity?...

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Smoke and Mirrors. The tools of NLP. Someone posted this on my Facebook page: how can a method or an approach be a cult? who is the leader of this cult? Both standard defences from cult members and easy to answer, so I did. It uses both the methods and...

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NLP as a Cult Exit Therapy, yes you read that right. Out of the frying pan into the NLP fire.The ever audacious NLP Cult has successfully conned some into allowing them access to brainwash and induct victims of other cults. Who could be more vulnerable...

- Hierarchy Of The Nlp Cult.
As with most cults the founder is the leader, Richard Bandler fills this position in NLP. A rigorous hierarchy is in place underneath him. NLP Practitioner is the entry level to the cult. To work your way up the ladder you will need to pay thousands...

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Brainwash - The NLP Cult Weapon of ChoiceNLP is a cult. Members of the NLP cult will always deny the fact, arguing semantics of the definition of a cult. Members of the NLP cult will point to the lack of a spiritual or religious element as a defence....

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