NLP as a Cult Exit Therapy.
Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP as a Cult Exit Therapy.

NLP as a Cult Exit Therapy, yes you read that right.

Out of the frying pan into the NLP fire.
The ever audacious NLP Cult has successfully conned some into allowing them access to brainwash and induct victims of other cults. Who could be more vulnerable than those that have already been tricked by other cults?

Read this by Kevin Garvey (voluntary exit counsellor and a consultant on cult related issues) published by the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA).

NLP ... encourages misguidance of the emerging victim ... relies upon an innate distrust of the critical intellect ... inhibits the emergence of the critical mental faculties ... duplicates the basic method found in the cults. 

- Nlp Standard Deception And Lies. Parts 2 & 3.
NLPers are masters of deception. Question everything they say, and you will find it is all smoke and mirrors designed to deflect your attention from the truth.Part 2. After the last post this was posted on Facebook: i read what you wrote on that link...

- Nlp Cult Recruitment
The NLP Cult members are the recruitment agents. Once they have been awarded NLP Practitioner status they use their persuasion techniques to manipulate anyone they know or meet to attempt to lure them into the cult. The first step is usually a free seminar...

- Master Practitioner Dares To Criticize The Nlp Cult.
This show how zealously the leadership guards against insiders speaking out, a common feature of cults. In this case removing his videos from YouTube for mentioning their names.  He also some interesting points: Those parts of NLP that work are...

- Therapy And The Nlp Cult.
Cults generally recruit vulnerable people and the NLP cult is no exception. Part of Bandler's evil genius is to market his cult as a therapy for almost all life?s ills. Any condition you have NLP claims to have the answer for example

- Is Nlp A Cult?
Brainwash - The NLP Cult Weapon of ChoiceNLP is a cult. Members of the NLP cult will always deny the fact, arguing semantics of the definition of a cult. Members of the NLP cult will point to the lack of a spiritual or religious element as a defence....

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