Master Practitioner Dares to Criticize the NLP Cult.
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Master Practitioner Dares to Criticize the NLP Cult.

This show how zealously the leadership guards against insiders speaking out, a common feature of cults. In this case removing his videos from YouTube for mentioning their names.

 He also some interesting points:

- Nlp Practitioner
NLP Professional   Life Coach is an increasing technique that is considerably being used by psychoanalysts for the purpose of individuality training. If you are looking to change the path of your way of life, make new ideas and individuality designs,...

- The Sh*t Nlpers Say: ?nlp Is A Powerful Set Of Tools.?
Something I have noticed with NLPers is they all say exactly the same things. They are brainwashed (or programmed as they put it) to blindly accept what they are told as the truth and never to question it. This is particularly true when they try to argue...

- Hell Hath No Fury Like An Nlper Defending His Master (or Mistress).
On my Facebook page I shared a link to the following satirical site: I found it quite amusing in the way it lampoons NLP and NLPers. Underneath the picture with ?Richard Bandler The Art of Free Stupidity?...

- Is Nlp A Cult?
Brainwash - The NLP Cult Weapon of ChoiceNLP is a cult. Members of the NLP cult will always deny the fact, arguing semantics of the definition of a cult. Members of the NLP cult will point to the lack of a spiritual or religious element as a defence....

- Parts Integration - An Nlp Tool
Parts Integration Parts Integration is a simple NLP and yet speedy Intervention Process. Everyone of us exists in many parts. When it comes to decision-making, the parts show up very obviously. Self-questioning like, " Do I buy the car or not. I love...

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