The Sh*t NLPers Say: ?NLP is a Powerful set of Tools.?
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The Sh*t NLPers Say: ?NLP is a Powerful set of Tools.?

Something I have noticed with NLPers is they all say exactly the same things. They are brainwashed (or programmed as they put it) to blindly accept what they are told as the truth and never to question it. This is particularly true when they try to argue that NLP is not a cult. When they try to describe what NLP is, a typical example would be:  

?NLP is a powerful set of tools.?

It is true that they are taught to use certain tools at NLP brainwashing camp (they call it ?NLP Training?).

What actually are these tools and are they powerful?

The tools taught as NLP are mostly not unique to NLP. They can be found elsewhere and are generally aimed at manipulating, misleading and distracting. Rapport and mimicry are used to gain someone?s confidence by faking likeness. Embed commands are used to manipulate people into unwittingly being controlled. Many techniques are designed to distract attention from the truth.

It is all just like a ?Magician? or illusionist using smoke and mirrors to trick your mind into believing what you think you are seeing.  This answers the other part of my question, is it powerful? Just like magic can seem powerful to someone with no knowledge of how it is done, once the secret is explained and demonstrated it loses all power. Once you know how the magicians assistant appeared to be cut in half but wasn?t really, the illusion will never work on you again. The same is true of NLP manipulation, once you know how they do it; they?ll never manipulate you again. 

You are a wiser person when you know that magic doesn?t exist, it is all sleight of hand and deception, you are a wiser person when you know the same of NLP.

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