Hell Hath No Fury Like an NLPer Defending his Master (or Mistress).
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Hell Hath No Fury Like an NLPer Defending his Master (or Mistress).

On my Facebook page I shared a link to the following satirical site: 


I found it quite amusing in the way it lampoons NLP and NLPers.

Underneath the picture with ?Richard Bandler The Art of Free Stupidity? is this graphic:

With this caption underneath:

?All content of this blog aims only to satirize NLP from a humorous point of view and excludes any form of personal offense. ?

Unbeknown to me Judith Delozier is the NLPer that brainwashed Damon. His sense of humour has been deleted. As I pointed out in the first post on this blog explaining the ways in which NLP is a cult:

·                     The group displays excessively zealous and unquestioning commitment to its leader and (whether he is alive or dead) regards his belief system, ideology, and practices as The Truth.

If you have ever criticised Richard Bandler or his teachings in the presence of a believer you will have experienced the full wrath of the fanatic. All scientific evidence of the falsity of his teachings will be dismissed.

It turns out this zealously filters all the way down the hierarchy of the NLP cult and Damon has been programmed to defend his mistress in the same manor. She programmed him to think what she wants him to think not think for himself and this must form part of that.

In the end it turned out like any difference of opinion you will ever have with an NLPer. The NLP sociopath is never wrong. They do not debate or argue as normal people do, they try to enforce their will on you using the manipulation techniques they have learned. They will never give up no matter how absurd their arguments are or how strong the reasoning against them is. So in the end I was left with no choice but to ban Damon from the page, despite repeated requests and reasonably pointing out that he had had his say and I had had my response he was incapable of leaving it. The NLP sociopath must always have the last word; they must browbeat their victim into submission. He was ignoring the protocols of polite society. (It is my page and my right to end the conversation by request.)

Unfortunately by banning him the text is all now hidden so other visitors to the page cannot see this example of how impossible it is to reason with an NLPer. So I am publishing it here and will share it from Facebook.

Damon Cart you got upset with me for using a curse word in our exchange and you post this which has a picture of Judy Delozier, not only a personal friend, but one of the kindest, warmest human beings you'll ever meet, with the caption "How to fuck your daughter's husband". you've got a lot of nerve and if you got to know Judy you would be ashamed of youself and you should be ashamed of yourself. She's done more to help people than you will ever do.

NLP is a Brainwashing Cult You said I was "full of shit". I didn't get upset, I told you not to. I posted a link to a post I found interesting. Yet again it is not for you to tell me how I would feel, think or anything else. Yes I have nerve, I'm proud of that and not ashamed.

Damon Cart if you have any decency and any respect for good people and you knew anything about Judy you would take that post down.

NLP is a Brainwashing Cult You are not the boss of me. Who made you the arbiter of decency and respect? You will not censor me. Now please leave or I will have to ban you. I don't want to do that as Facebook will delete all your nonsense. I think it is a great example of the way NLPers behave and should remain published.

Damon Cart you are correct. i am not the boss of you and i cannot censor you and i would not censor you. i just think it is incredibly mean. you should take it down because you realize you're putting hate out there and because hopefully you're not a hateful person. if you don't realize that then i'm not going to try to change you, but i will bring it to your attention.

NLP is a Brainwashing Cult I think you should stop telling me what I should do, what I should realise, what I think etc. That is one small part of what I find so obnoxious about NLPers. You have no right to try and change anyone. You didn't just bring it to my attention. You told me what I should do about it, that is a line I won't let be crossed without response. I leave it for others to judge whether they think linking to something I found interesting is hateful or mean. I personally don't think it is. Speaking ones mind is everybody's right, not being offended is not a right. If you don't like what is written then don't read it.

NLP is a Brainwashing Cult PS. I hadn't even noticed that picture until you pointed it out. I like satire and that is quite funny.

Damon Cart do what you want, but it says a lot about you. you're going to criticize NLPers for being "bad" and at the same time post meanspirited nonsense like that? satire can be quite funny and it's a valuable part of speech. however, if i posted a picture of your grandmother and wrote something obnoxious about her on it and called it satire would that be funny or valuable? no it would just be mean.

NLP is a Brainwashing Cult Meanspirited??? I think you may have missed that the joke is on how NLP is advertised not on the lady in the picture. You are entitled to find anything you want mean, or interpret what that says to YOU about me. That should not be confused with how other people see me. That is for them. Which is why I want this to remain published. Please you have said your piece and I have replied. Can we leave it there please.

Damon Cart if you want to leave it there then simply stop responding to my comments. i'm only responding to yours. yes, meanspirited and it's not a clever joke and if it wasn't about the lady in the picture then why is her name on the picture? the NLP trainings i go to are not about seduction and are not advertised that way.

I didn?t reply to his last comment. But it would have been something like this:

?I don?t take orders from you as whether I should respond on MY wall. I politely requested you to stop posting, you ignored my request. Your opinions as to what is mean-spirited, clever or funny are yours and yours alone and you have no right to impose them on anyone else. Ask the author why they chose her, I have no idea. NLP is not advertised in that way? I just Googled ?NLP seduction? here is the first hit http://www.seductionscience.com/2011/nlp-seduction-patterns/.?

I didn?t post that reply as it would be pointless. The conversation would never end. He would keep coming back with the same statements and ignoring anything I answered with. Above he sometimes uses the telling me what I do or should think etc. method, bossing me about and attempting to bully me. When I tell him not to he moves on to pretending to agree ?you are correct. i am not the boss of you and i cannot censor you and i would not censor you.? And then just continues to try and tell me what to do and censor me. This is a very poor attempt to trick me through false agreement. I think Damon is not a very accomplished NLPer yet, I?ve seen of far more adept than him.

Trying to get a brainwashed cult member to see what has happened to them by reason is impossible. Experts in the field of cult rehabilitation agree that the only successful method is extraction and isolation from the cult. It then takes many months or even years before the victim recovers and re-joins society fully. That is why there is no point continuing my conversation with Damon, unless his family or a close friend can save him he is doomed.

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