Parts Integration - An NLP Tool
Neurolinguistic Programming

Parts Integration - An NLP Tool

Parts Integration

Parts Integration is a simple NLP and yet speedy Intervention Process.

Everyone of us exists in many parts. When it comes to decision-making, the parts show up very obviously. Self-questioning like, " Do I buy the car or not. I love it but I am not quite sure if I should." Watching the language is an quite easy to identify whether the parts exist. The use of the word "BUT" shows that the person has a conflict within. Each part exists for the interest of the whole. However, each of these parts is controversial and conflicting with the other or others thus contributing to indecisiveness and restraints. There is a built-up of confusion and doubts. These conflicts have to be resolved. Otherwise, that state may led to continuous disintegration of the person's personality and well-being.

It certainly sounds familiar. Many a time we have been at such crossroads before. Multi-personalities are extreme cases of parts.

NLP has a tool that helps to resolve conflicting roles within a person. This intervention is known as "Parts Integration".

The following video shows how the induction is done. Mind you, the person undergoing the induction is fully aware of what is going on and what is being said to him. Therefore, there is no trickery or mind-control. He is purely in a heightened state of deep relaxation and awareness.

Enjoy the Video. Do provide feedback / comments.

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