LSP Asia's NLP Practitioner Certification Workshop
Neurolinguistic Programming

LSP Asia's NLP Practitioner Certification Workshop

LSP's NLP Practitioner Certification Workshop is a thorough 8-day certification program delivered in 2 modules of 4 days each. Experience the essential skills and principles of NLP as part of a small goup of 25 - 30 people in a casual environment. This is a learning-packed workshop.

Knowledge and skills acquired are related -

Basics of NLP definition and origins

multiple intelligence

conscious and unconscious mind

NLP model of communication

prime derivations of the unconscious mind

focus - potential and reality

principles of success

setting outcomes

presuppositions of NLP

Sensory acuity and sub-modalities perceptual positioning

sensory acuity


application of sub-modalities belief change

Rapport and representational systems understanding rapport

speech predicates

favored representational systems

eye accessing patterns

Strategies the theory behind strategies

strategies and TOTE model

using strategies for change and transformation

installing strategies

representational systems

motivation strategies

learning strategies discovered and explained

buying strategies discovered and explained

Language patterns intonation patterns


hierarchy of ideas

meta model

Milton model


meta states


Reframing explained

six-step reframe

Basic interventions parts integration

time line interventions

time line configuration

Gestalt and time lines

discover 'root-cause'

time line intervention script

Hypnosis fundamentals of Ericksonian hypnosis

suggestibility tests

hypnotic patterns

Ericksonian induction

general therapy model

deepening techniques

contra-indications for hypnosis

post hypnotic suggestions

General applications

Certification standards

- Demystifying Neuro-linguistic Programming (nlp)
We're all born with the same basic neurology. Our ability to do anything in life, whether it's learning a new skill, cooking a meal or doing business, depends on how we control our nervous system. So, much of NLP is devoted to learning how...

- Our Slang
Anchoring - the process of making associations that work through conscious choice so that you can reaccess your own or trigger others' chosen state when appropriate. Association - the state of being inside your own skin, seeing the world from your...

- Nlp Certification Helps You Practice This Science (or Art)
Whether you call NLP a science or an art, it doesn?t actually matter, but you must take to NLP Certification, if you like to practice NLPtechniques. It must be unbroken in mind that as a greenhorn, you may perhaps not make common sense out of Fritz Perls...

- Nlp Master Practitioner Certification Workshop - Mid October 2007
With Nick Le Force This is truly an experiential International NLP Master Practitioner Certification by Nick Le Force. Take advantage of this and be certified NOW. Nick LeForce has over 30 years of experience in the field of human communication and...

- Why Get Certified With Lsp Asia?
Nobody motivates today's workers. If it doesn't come from within, it doesn't come. Fun helps remove the barriers that allow people to motivate themselves. ~ Herman Cain ~ Motivation is like food for the brain. You cannot get enough in one...

Neurolinguistic Programming