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Neurolinguistic Programming

Our slang

Anchoring - the process of making associations that work through conscious choice so that you can reaccess your own or trigger others' chosen state when appropriate.

Association - the state of being inside your own skin, seeing the world from your own eyes, hearing the world from your own ears and feeling the emotions of the situation, whether current, remembered or imagined.

Beliefs - assumptions we make about ourselves, about others in the world and about how we expect things to be. Emotionally held options treated as facts and the basis of our everyday decisions, skills and behaviors.

Congruence - having all parts of yourself working in harmony; being at one with yourself.

Criteria - the values and standards used as the basis for decisions.

Dissociation - the state of observing yourself as if you were an outsider. Seeing and hearing yourself from the outside. The effect of dissociation is to disconnect from emotions.

Eye accessing cues - movements of a person's eyes that indicate visual, auditory or kinaesthetic (feelings) thinking.
Filters - levels of thinking that determine where we put our attention and consequently what constitutes perception. These filters determine how we respond to situations and people.

Frame - the focus of attention you give to something.

Linguistic - the study of language and in the context of NLP the patterns in language that communicate our thinking strategies.

Logical levels - a form of personal and organizational hierarchy that impacts on change and how effectively we bring about change for ourselves or for others. Consisting of environment, behavior, capabilities, values, beliefs, identity and purpose.

Meta Model - a series of devices for achieving a better understanding of vague language patterns, including specific questions for added clarification.

Metaphor - having a parallel means of describing or observing. Metaphors can be parables, stories, analogies, pictures, actions. Often used to influence the unconscious mind and bypass conscious resistance.

Metaprograms - internal filters which people use to sort the information they receive in a systematic way, and which then determine their behavior.

Modeling - the process of understanding the thoughts and actions that enable someone to accomplish a task excellently. The process of unpacking your own and others' conscious but especially unconscious strategies in order to duplicate the results achieved.

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