Learning State And When It Is Most Effective
Neurolinguistic Programming

Learning State And When It Is Most Effective

Learning State in the context of Neuro-linguistic Programing

Neuro-linguistic Programing. NLP in short. This is a very powerful personal transformation technology. There are many tools that can be applied in various areas to make changes to behavior(s) for personal transformation. We are hugely unconscious operated beings. Most of what we do at all times are carried out without us knowing those actions. For example - our heart beating laboriously away without us knowing it until we are bought to realize it. Now you can feel the temperature of your body and the difference of that temperature and that of the space around you. Perhaps, as you read this blog, you are becoming conscious of the weight of your feet. Even just before now, you were unconscious of your breathe and the air that was passing in and out of your nostrils.

NLP deals largely with the unconscious mind. When we are conscious, we are not at our best learning state. Babies and infants learn best at their age and the reason is purely because they have no resistance and filters to learning. Their mind is like a sponge!! Absorbing everything that comes along, right or wrong contents.

Having understood the last 2 paragraphs, as parents to young ones, as teachers to pupils, it makes a huge difference for either the parents or the teachers to use the right language. "Communication is the response we get". If we use the proper language, babies, infants and children will be brought up with the right attitude and behaviors. When a child grows up in a family contained with problems, nothing but just problems, the chance of this child becoming an adult with an appropriate outlook in life is slim. He or she is unable to integrate into society. A tall order indeed and how true most of the time. As parents and teachers, we hold heavy responsibilities in the things we say and do. We are role models to the young ones. Young ones going through their imprinting years taking in what we say and do literally without filters. Therefore, when they grow up and they do behave different than how we wish them to be, let's ponder who is at fault that might be. Be careful what how we carry ourselves in front of these kids!!

There is an enormous resource on NLP and its practical applications in every aspect of life-issues, business, politics, sports, education, therapies, coaching, negotiations, modeling, management, relationships, selling, building rapport. As this blog progress, many aspects of NLP and its applications shall be shared.

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