The NLP Timeline Solution: Getting the Law of Attraction to Work for You
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The NLP Timeline Solution: Getting the Law of Attraction to Work for You

Many people have been exposed to the Law of Attraction through seeing the movie "The Secret." And, for those who really want to get a deep understanding of it, there is also the Abraham-Hicks work, which goes into the Law of Attraction in more depth. There is no doubt that this is very powerful work. Yet while some people benefit greatly from it, other people just feel frustrated when they try to apply these principles.

Why is that? The Law of Attraction, as it's described in the Abraham-Hicks work and in "The Secret," is accurate. The problem is how to change what it is that you are attracting, when what you have been attracting is not serving you. What causes you to easily be able to manifest what you desire is total congruency between your intention and what you believe to be true. This means what you consciously desire must be in alignment with what your unconscious mind believes is true. "Limiting decisions" are what undermine that congruency and cause unconscious attraction of negative experience, or results, into your life.
Limiting decisions are decisions made at a very young age (usually before the age of 6 or 7), when we had very little experience, perspective and development. They are decisions such as "I am stupid, unlovable, worthless... " They were made in a split moment, on an unconscious level, based on how we interpreted the meaning of pivotal events that occurred that we didn't have the conscious tools to make sense of. They were locked into our muscle contractions, breathing patterns and neuro-network patterns. And, in the areas in which we made the decisions, they became the underlying structure for how we now interpret life and what we now manifest into our lives. For example, if you decide you are unlovable, it would make attracting a healthy relationship difficult. You would likely attract relationships that reinforce your belief that you are unlovable.

When the unconscious mind makes a limiting decision, it is very invested in proving that that decision is true. And so it is continuously looking for proof that the decision is true by the way it interprets experiences that occur, and by the people and situations you are attracted to or attract to yourself. And therefore in the attempt to use the Law of Attraction, and follow the kind of principles illustrated in "The Secret," when you try to focus on, and visualize, what it is you desire, if there's a limiting decision in that area, you can run up against resistance, sometimes really major resistance; and the unconscious mind will likely sabotage your effort, blocking you from attracting what you desire. But when that limiting decision is cleared, you then easily attract what you want.

NLP Timeline counseling sessions are a very effective way to clear limiting decisions. NLP Timeline is a powerful NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming) process. NLP is the study of the language of the brain, and has to do with how we formed our subjective experience and how that can be changed. NLP Timeline is structured according to how the brain works. It brings you back to the initial events in which you made the limiting decisions that are holding in place whatever in your life is not working well, in order to clear them. The hypnosis process assists you in accessing events that generally are not be in your conscious memory.

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Jane Ilene Cohen is an Intuitive & Transformational NLP Counselor, and a NLP & TimeLine Master Practitioner, with a private practice in San Diego North County. She does individual counseling (including hypnosis), works with couples & families, and facilitates groups. For more about Jane's counseling services go to:
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