The Power Of "Reframing" At Work
Neurolinguistic Programming

The Power Of "Reframing" At Work

Bed-wetting / Enuresis is about bed-wetting and how to stop an infant or a child from doing it. This what Barbara did when faced with a child with a habit of bed-wetting. Read all about it and perhaps you can share Barbara's experience with someone who has a child with the same concern.

"Children are very receptive to suggestion and imagery; in fact children are more often in that imaginary, magical world than in the so call real everyday adult world. Working with children in hypnosis, using a lot of bells and whistles and storytelling works great. If the child is young, crayons and paper work wonders. I sometimes have the child draw a picture of himself or herself, or write a small book about himself or herself before the 1st visit.

I meet with both the child and parents and we all enjoy this wonderful book together. Children always love to share things about their lives, and it is a great way to start rapport. I also receive the joy of seeing their lovely artwork, sharing and commenting on it. An easy technique which I used and works quite well with children 6-8 years is that I will have them create a picture in their mind about the concern, in this case, bed-wetting and we talk about how it makes them feel, etc. Then have them crumple up that picture and throw it away, and make a new picture in their mind of the way they are from now on going to be.... and then draw that new picture..... a lot of fun imagining, and with great result."

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