NLP Communication Techniques Debunked
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NLP Communication Techniques Debunked

If you have ever had the misfortune to be in a situation where communication with an NLPer is necessary you will have found that it is an impossible process. The NLPer believes that they know everything and that communication is a one-way process. They talk a lot but never listen. Whereas a normal person participates in a conversation NLP teaches that they should control a conversation and it only exists to serve their needs not the others persons. This is the way a sociopath thinks.

Here is a section from an NLP training manual explaining a couple of techniques they use. (typos, spelling and grammatical errors from the original).

Silence Imposition Technique

If you want someone to stop talking, short of asking them to be quiet, there are at least two effective nlp methods of winding down their continuos urge to speak.

You can remain perfectly silent, or you can disagree. Either of these will usually prompt the other to seek companionship elsewhere.

1. The No-Feedback NLP Technique

Silence is the absence of any verbal feedback whatever. In behaviourist jargon, it is a form of ?extinction,? which is simply the refusal to reinforce a particular behaviour. Extinction has been shown to be the most effective method for eliminating a behaviour from a person?s repertoire, even more effective than punishment (which, to be effective, must be administrated with each instance of the undesirable behaviour).

This is why solitary confinement, the absence of any reinforcement or feedback from other humans, is even more feared than physical punishment. One mistake many parents make when they want to quiet down noisy children is that they attempt to ?punish? children for making noise, but often only succeed to reinforce the very behaviour they want to eliminate. Punitive attention, it seems, is preferable to none at all. so if you want someone else to be quiet, don?t pay attention to him/her, and they will eventually go away.

2. The Negative-Feedback NLP Technique

The other effective nlp means of getting someone go away and leave you alone is to disagree. This being the opposite of pacing and building rapport.

Initially you might get an argumentative response, but if you maintain your contrariness long enough the other person will eventually go away and find someone else to talk with. It?s important for us to find people who will validate our beliefs and opinions, and we all tend to ?drop? people who disagree.

A normal person of course would engage in debate and an exchange of views. The first NLP method here is simply ignoring someone which is just rudeness. The reference to children is very telling. A young child is yet to understand reason and therefor this method is a substitute. Using this technique on an adult shows complete contempt for someone?s intelligence, they are inferring that the other person incapable of reason, when in fact it is them that is incapable of making a reasoned argument. The second technique here is simply being argumentative for the sake of it, trying to annoy the other person. 

Use of these and other NLP communication techniques make NLPers highly antisocial and thoroughly dislikeable people.

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