NLP Techniques - NLP?s Embedded Commands Debunked
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NLP Techniques - NLP?s Embedded Commands Debunked

Many of the techniques taught as NLP are simply a guide to being obnoxious and antisocial. The use of NLP Embedded Commands is one such technique. Trying to manipulate someone to do something via trickery rather than directly asking them is a nasty thing to do.

The following is from an NLP instruction book. (Typo?s left in).

Embedded nlp commands/suggestions are words and phrases enclosed (embedded) within a larger context. They are units of meaning that can often have an impact beyond that which is apparent in or intended by the larger structure within which they appear.

For example, ?A? says to ?B?: ?I feel really bad today, B.? What is happening here goes beyonds what is intended. The phrase, ?feel really bad today, B,? is an embedded suggestion to ?B? to feel bad ? even though the apparent reference is to the speaker ?A? and not to the listener ?B?. If the speaker uses enough of these embedded commands, very soon you will begin to respond to these suggestions, perhaps without being consciously aware of doing so.

NLP teaches you how to master the art of embedding commands in ordinary everyday conversations.

Examples of Embedded Commands

?This place is enough to drive you crazy.?
?I wish I had a penny for every time that guy gave me a hard time.?
?This environment is really depressing.?
?Don?t let me keep you from working.?

NLP-Embedded Questions And Commands

Two types of nlp embedded suggestions ? questions and commands ? deserve special attention.

1. NLP Embedded Questions

An nlp embedded questions is an implied questions that is embedded in a larger context ? usually a statement.

For example:

?I wonder what your name is.?
?I?m curious to know how old you are.?
?I don?t know what your income is.?
?Whether you?d like to come me is something we haven?t discussed yet.?

2. NLP Embedded Commands

An nlp embedded command is simply a command that is embedded in a larger context ;

?I think you?ll be wise if you invest in this property today.?
?My mother used to tell me that the best way to get over a cold is stay in bed and get plenty of rest.?
?If anyone has any questions, I?d appreciate it if you?d wait until after the lecture and come up to talk to me then.?

As you can see we use embedded suggestions ? both questions and commands ? all of the time. They?re so pervasive as to be virtually invisible. Therein lies their power.

This is a good reason for learning with nlp how to use them constructively, to help us communicate more effectively with others.

The Secret of NLP Embedded Commands

NLP?s embedded questions and commands work so effectively because, being almost invisible, they operate for the most part at the unconscious level, and thus they are not likely to cause resistance.

They will be responded-to below the level of awareness. The cumulative effect is to gently lead the other person in the direction we want them to go. This operates whether the person is consciously paying attention or not. So nlp embedded suggestions is an excellent approach to use with people who always seem too busy to give us their full attention.

Consider the boss who fiddles with paperwork when you?re trying to get him to listen to an idea. Instead of being frustrated by his behaviour, you might welcome it as an opportunity to embed suggestions using NLP. His mind is already distracted, you can easily continue talking while embedding appropriate nlp suggestions that will be responded-to unconsciously.

The net effect will be to give some ?food for thought? to be digested unconsciously later on! You might be pleasantly surprised to hear him voicing your ideas as if he had thought of them himself, or spontaneously acting on the suggestions you embedded earlier.

The NLPer actually thinks that planting thoughts in people?s minds and manipulating them into thinking it was their idea is acceptable behaviour rather than the actions of a sociopath.

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