Part I
Neurolinguistic Programming

Part I

NLP is the act of convincing people to take on a mind set that is determined or encouraged by those trying to persuade. Tone of voice and interests are important elements of NLP. However interests and tone of voice will not help if the actions are not appropriate to the conversation; hand gestures and eye contact add additional help to obtain a good rapport. Hand gestures and eye contact can give a person away if they are trying to lie. People subconsciously give away clues to how they really feel if they are lying by moving in a robotic manor or if they make scarce eye contact it means they are trying to avoid telling the truth. If their movements are fluent and they make good eye contact it means that they feel comfortable and they have nothing to hide.
Subliminal messages are a NLP method that people use to sell an item or to change an opinion. Television shows, commercials, and movies use subliminal messages all the time.

Nuero ? Linguistic Programming is used in many ways some ways even start a holocaust and some bring people together in different places to help people in need after disasters that happen in other countries. One incident is when Haiti was hit by a major earthquake and several thousand were feared to be dead; the music for relief, a non-profit organization founded by a band named Linkin Park along with several others were among the first to react and start a donation plan.

The way that they started was with the music that they make, all the artists gathered together to make music that would attract people to help give money to help save the people in Haiti. They put out advertisements for their new music and the link that when clicked on had all the music and a free download link next to it was a please donate link. They have raised three million dollars not just for Haiti but other places since 2005.

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Neurolinguistic Programming