The first basics are The four pillars
Neurolinguistic Programming

The first basics are The four pillars

Rapport, and specifically that quality relationship of mutual trust and responsiveness known as rapport. Whatever you do and whatever you want, being successful will involve relating to and influencing others. So, the first pillar of NLP is to establish rapport with yourself and then others.

Outcom ? knowing what you want. Precision is the key to success. The more precise you are knowing what it is that you want and why, the more likely you are to get exactly what you want. And the more likely you are to know when you have achieved it. It is whole way of thinking ? consistently ask yourself and others what you/they want.

Sensory acuity
? using your senses: looking at, listening to and feeling what is actually happening to you. Only then will you know whether you are on course for your goal and can use this feedback to adjust what you are doing is necessary.

Behavioral flexibility
? have many choices of action. The more choices you have, the more chances of success. If we do what we always did, we get what we always got. Keep changing what you do until you get what you want.

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