Breaking Rapport
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Breaking Rapport

Have you ever wondered why you'd rather just break rapport with someone?

Here's an example.

You've just had a meeting with your boss and he says something which didn't quite go down well with you, for whatever reasons. Perhaps it was something someone said to you, like maybe someone important in your life... and it didn't quite sound right, somehow you felt offended or surprised that he/she didn't quite see you in a better light or gave you the benefit of the doubt. Could it be that you were annoyed... or disturbed to say the least. So, you naturally broke rapport momentarily. You moved your gaze away from him, you glanced at a different object to subtly regain composure. I imagine, unlike most people you managed a quick witty remark moving attention off the subject. You said something to reframe the context of the subject.

I hallucinate that even the best of us had at some point in time resisted comments, ideas or thoughts from another person however meaningful or not. Congratulations! Welcome to the human condition.

For a good measure of reframing, can I ask you this...

Which part of you is resisting?

Because, resistance is a sign of a lack of rapport.

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