NLP Reframing - Slight Of Mouth Patterns For The Modern Jedi
Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP Reframing - Slight Of Mouth Patterns For The Modern Jedi

One of the major tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming is a process or technique known as reframing. This article gives a basic overview of the concept of reframing and explores two kinds of reframes, 'Context' reframes and 'Meaning' reframes.

I thought it would be fun to introduce the concept to you so you might begin to use the power of reframing in your life and work. Simply put, reframing is about re-interpreting any event or interaction. If you change the context, meaning or content of something you can change the experience and get better results.

The basis of reframing is to separate intention from behavior.

Context Reframe: Indicator - "He's too....." or "I'm too..."

Think of a different context in which the person will respond differently to the same behavior or where the behavior would be a positive.

Here's an example of an NLP context reframe:
An angry and frustrated father drags his teenage daughter in to see Milton Erickson (the psychiatrist and hypnotherapist whose work much of Neuro Linguistic Programming is based on). He says, "She's too headstrong! She never listens to me and she won't obey me!" Erickson replies, "Isn't it wonderful that when she grows up she'll be able to stand on her own two feet and no one will push her around or take advantage of her?" According to the story, this comment literally took the wind out of the father's sails, diffused his anger (or "de-fused" it) and he was forced to admit his daughter's headstrong nature was indeed a positive thing.

So think of a person in your life who is "too" whatever and turn it around. How is that actually one of their best and strongest traits?

Too sensitive? Isn't it great that they have the ability to tune in to what they are feeling and what others feel!
Too pushy and aggressive? Isn't great that they are willing and able to "go for it" and they don't let anything get in their way!

Get the idea?

Now it's your turn. Is there anything about you that people have said is "too" this or that? Take a minute to turn it around and reframe it into your greatest strength:

Some people have said I'm too _______ but isn't it wonderful that because I'm ______ .
I can__________ .

Next let's explore the Meaning Reframe:

Indicator - "Whenever 'X' happens, I respond 'Y'."

Ask yourself, "What else could this behavior mean?" Or internally think of an opposite frame or a different meaning. "What is it that this person hasn't noticed (in this context) that will bring about a different meaning, and change his response?"

Here are some examples of Meaning reframes.

"Whenever my boss criticizes me I respond by getting really defensive and hurt and I feel like a failure"

Reframe 1: "Is your boss criticizing you or giving feedback about your work?"

Reframe 2: "What is your boss trying to accomplish through the feedback? Is he trying to hurt you and make you feel like a failure or is he trying to help you get a better result for the team or company?"

Reframe 3: "Who is the most criticized person in the world? The President right? Regardless of your own personal opinion of the president and his policies or political positions, you would agree, wouldn't you, that the president is generally considered to be successful. Right? So if you are being criticized it must be because you are actually taking action and implementing your ideas. Most people never get close to being that successful." (Anthony Robbins uses this example in one of his books, either "Unlimited Power" or "Awaken the Giant Within")

Reframe 4: "All great innovators were misunderstood and criticized at first"
By changing the meaning or intention of the behavior it changes the response.

So give this a shot in your life today. Think of a problem you have and see if you can find a different interpretation of it that is more resourceful.

WAIT! Let's reframe "problem"! Isn't it really a "challenge" or a "learning opportunity"? :o)
Here's a little worksheet:

Problem (a.k.a. "Challenge") ______________

Reframe: ____________

Now, checking in with your self, how does that feel? All meaning is an interpretation we make. Whatever is going on in your life or work can be creatively re-interpreted to empower you and to move to to a resourceful state rather than wherever it was taking you.

Was this helpful? Interesting? Let me know. I deeply value your comments, questions and "criticism" because I want to be able to help you better, faster and more easily than you can possibly imagine!
BTW, NLP authority Robert Dilts wrote an excellent book on NLP Reframing called "Slight of Mouth". It's a must read if you want to learn more.

Mark Shepard, "Modern Jedi" is a certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy(tm). For 30 years he suffered from intense anxiety, phobias and self sabotage until he learned these leading edge rapid change techniques. Astonished at their effectiveness in creating positive change, he dedicated his life to learning and sharing these tools of transformation.

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