Understanding How the NLP Fast Phobia Cure Works
Neurolinguistic Programming

Understanding How the NLP Fast Phobia Cure Works

The NLP fast phobia cure may be able to help you with your fears. However, in order to potentially succeed with it, it is first essential that you understand how it works and what, exactly, it is. You should begin by learning about NLP, which stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It works based on the the effect a person's neurology has his or her subjective experiences. Some people classify it as a way of learning how things work, and how to get them to work for you rather than against it. As a theory, it is not precisely relegated. However, there have been positive results. Hypnosis is a part of the practice, along with systematic methods used to measure consciousness.

One of the most well known of NLP techniques is the fast phobia cure. Evidently, the process works around the functions of the amygdala. It relies on the belief that the amygdala projects to a person's cerebral cortex more often than the opposite occurs. Basically, if you respond to something with fear, the premise is that you are relying only on a small section of your total experience. The creators of this technique summarize it as saying that you need to keep your amygdala happy while rewriting the way you respond to fear.

In order to use this technique, there is a step by step process. First and foremost, a phobic response had to be witnessed and properly diagnosis. Practitioners ensure that the person being treated sees a black and white picture of themselves right before their response occurs. There must be a visual association to produce the proper response of the amygdala. The person being treated should then be encouraged to find a safe place outside of themselves. To do this, one might have to counteract the response to the black and white photo, perhaps by showing a black and white film.

The process of the fast phobia cure is somewhat complex, which is why it is important to make sure you have it done by someone who truly understands the practice.

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