What can nlp be used for
Neurolinguistic Programming

What can nlp be used for

Fast phobia cures- their are techniques used in nlp (such as the s.w.i.s.h, method) where a phobia or habit can be diminished rapidly.
Weight loss (or gain)- with nlp you can model your self into the desired weight, just by alterations in our train of thought.
behavior patterns- nlp also allows you to take control of your emotions or behavior patterns, in other word, if you feel lack of confidence or need to be more of a go getter nlp teaches you how to find those resources and and put them to good use.
Communication skills - nlp also teaches you how to communicate with excellence, in other words you could work on friendship or relationships with ease.

The truth is once you know how your mind think and the way it reacts,  you will begin to understand how other people work and what makes the tick.

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Neurolinguistic Programming