Neuro Linguistic Programming Cured My Stage Fright
Neurolinguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming Cured My Stage Fright

I am a world-class violin player. I make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year playing in public performances that garner big audiences and rave reviews. I stay in the best hotels, hob-knob with some of the most talented people in the world and I am often invited to play solo on soundtracks for blockbuster A-list movies. I owe all of this success to neuro linguistic programming.

There was a time, not so long ago, when I had such terrible stage fright that I would just freeze up on stage. My fingers would not move on the strings. Even if I did manage to squeal out a few notes my playing was rote, stiff and rushed. I could hardly wait to get through playing the masterpiece so I could run off the stage.

I am not sure where this phobia came from as it hit me in my late thirties after I encountered some issues in my love life and with my health. For some reason, these events in my personal life that were unrelated to my professional life seemed to affect my self-confidence. I was okay playing with a few friends and even in an orchestra but by the time I hit my forties I simply could not find the courage to step on the stage.

Unfortunately playing the masterpieces in front of big audiences is where all the income and fame comes from if you are a violin player.

I enrolled in a neuro linguistic programming course because I was told that it was like "getting the owner's manual" for your brain. That made a lot of sense to me because the fear of playing on stage felt like my mind was out of control and I had forgotten how to find the switch that would turn off my terror of standing on a stage in front of a lot of people.

Not only did neuro linguistic programming cure my stage fright it also helped me feel more optimistic and driven to go after the things I had always wanted to have in life. For instance I always wanted to own my very own private island on Lake St. Joseph in the Muskokas in Canada and now I do. In fact, I hold private concerts for the celebrities that live around there for a great fee.

Being rich has also allowed me to do something that I have always wanted to do and that is give something back to the world. Thanks to neuro linguistic programming I have become the kind of achiever that is in a position to help those a lot less fortunate than myself. Nothing feels better than holding a gala charity performance with some of my fellow musicians where all of the money goes to a good cause.

This type of self-help program can help cure your phobias, raise you up mentally and emotionally and help you always keep travelling on the path towards your most cherished goals.

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