The eyes have it all
Neurolinguistic Programming

The eyes have it all

Your eyes are the window to you soul... or should i say the window to your stored information (memory).
You see while you are having a conversation, your eye are sub-consciously searching for stored info its funny because you are never  consciously aware of it taking place.
While you are being asked a question your eyes already start moving around searching for Where you may have stored it..
VRM visual recall memory( that is visual memory store ) which is located normally when a person is asked a question that forces them to search for that specific last image, the eye will look up into their left of their socket
VC visual creative memory is when a certain image is currently being made.( lies ) they will look up into their upper right.
RAM now this is audio stored memory which is located when people look to their left of their eye.
CA audio creation f sound or song or voice. right side of eye
Internal Dialect is when we are speaking with ourselves in our mind (our little voice in our head.. )
Kinestetic  our feelings, emotion this is where strong feelings are accessed ( bad or good )
you can pretty much read minds once you have this down to packed.. but just remember that a left hand persons eye moving may vary.

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