Do You Lack Confidence?
Neurolinguistic Programming

Do You Lack Confidence?

ITS IN MY GENES, is what we hear a lot, when it comes to an excuse for a particular behavior.
People tend to forget that you have the power over your own reactions.

Imagine you have and interview and your dead nervous, you lack the confidence, but you know your good for that job. How is it that you can proper yourself  mentally and physically (body poster) for perfect result in ones interview,  Anchor it!

 As in the earlier definition of an anchor, an anchor is use to trigger an experienced or a desired state.

lets put it this way, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a situation where you have experienced yourself in utter confidence, (normally in a situation you are used to such as with your friends talking about something you know is 100% true) Imagine that exact feeling of everything in your body, see yourself, hear the tone of voice you were using at the time, now as you get to the peck where you can actually feel the state you were in squeeze  your left or right fist really tight. then open your eyes shake yourself of a bit to break the state and do it again.

 Repeat these steps a couple of times untill you feel the feeling streangthen up,
Now what you have done is, you have created a anchor, every time you squeeze your fist you shall feel that confidence, now what left is to close your eyes once again, and imagine yourself in the interview and see yourself squeezing you fist and getting that confidence you need and feeling the difference.

Success is in your hands and in your mind. You can use this technique with any wanted state you desire.

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