Speaking Their language
Neurolinguistic Programming

Speaking Their language

When People talk to you, start taking them literally. When they say thing like.( oh that rings a bell, or I see what you mean  ) look at the words in italics, those words are their actually representational resources coming through unconsciously. I other words, it is the way, in which they coded that specific response/ behavior  or memory.
If you begin to understand the way they are coding the info, You may use the same words in a different sentence to gain trust you our make them understand you better, after all your speaking their language.
more examples
- I smell a fish
- Its hard to understand
- Do you catch my drift
- That is a bright idea
- Your hard to understand

Oh and Please guys leave some comments.. Id like to know if you guys are are begining to understand faster now..

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Neurolinguistic Programming