Applications of NLP
Neurolinguistic Programming

Applications of NLP

Today was another new day where I was invited to speak to a group of NLP Practitioners with regards to applications of NLP in their daily lives. I first facilitated them to set out their outcomes for the day. Thereafter, I went on find a common one amongst the group that we could discuss. Many of them do not realize that they were already using some of the techniques.

I shared with them in particular on the following three segments -

1)My initial involvement;

2)My gestation period; and

3)My eventual breakthrough.

At the end of the 3-hour session, intentions and outcomes were met. It was very
fulfilling indeed, realizing that they feel more confident on how to apply NLP in their work.

NLP coaching was the breakthrough that I discovered in the applications of NLP. I find that NLP can extremely compliment our professional skills in a variety of ways. It compliments just about any convention or alternative therapeutic discipline.

It can assist us in executing our professional skills in a more focused and systematic manner.It helps to create the kind of deep rapport that enables others to quickly move to far deeper core issues simultaneously enhancing our insights and empathy with people we are connected with.

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