The Myths and Facts Explained in Plain English
Neurolinguistic Programming

The Myths and Facts Explained in Plain English

What is NLP?
NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming. NLP is a school of various psychological techniques that directly communicate with the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is very powerful, much more so than our conscious mind.

What can NLP do?

The best way to describe what NLP does is that it upgrades the mind. You can improve your mindset, intelligence, memory, senses, appearance, and your communication skills. You can gain the ability to improve, enhance or modify ANY aspect of yourself or someone else.

NLP can be an extremely powerful tool, when used correctly. Derren Brown, a world-famous mentalist, famously used NLP-based suggestion techniques on the street to talk strangers into giving him their wallets- in 20 seconds flat! NLP can be used on yourself as well as other people, with hundreds of opportunities to do so occurring every day.

Can I use NLP on other people?

Yes, you can. You can even use NLP on other people without them knowing! But it is easier to use neuro-linguistic programming on yourself.

A basic example of NLP

The most basic example to illustrate this, is if I said to you:
"Don't think of a blue duck!"
What's the first picture that came to your head? A blue duck. This is because the command "think of a blue duck" lay within that short sentence. Before you had a chance to not think of a blue duck, your unconscious mind has already put a picture of a blue duck up and stuck a DON'T label on it saying "this is the thing to not think about."

How to apply this example of NLP

It may be useless to be able to trick someone into thinking about a blue duck. But the trick is to apply the same principle to more useful situations. Let's say you need to remember to pick up some bread and milk on the way home. You could try telling yourself "don't forget to pick up bread and milk!" Over and over again. But that sentence carries the command "forget to pick up bread and milk". Instead, you're much more likely to succeed by telling yourself to "remember to pick up bread"!

Still not impressed? How about this:
Imagine you've got a 5-year-old son, and he starts trotting towards a busy road. You have one second to react before he is in the traffic.

Should you shout "Don't walk on the road!" or should you shout "Stop! Come here right now!"

We've established that if we yell to him "Don't walk on the road!" - there is every chance he might take a split second longer than usual to process the full command.

Instead, you'd say to him "Come here right now!" which might make a massive difference if a speeding car is just seconds away.

On a level of 1 to 9, this technique is a 1 in terms of complexity and depth. There are hundreds of tiny tricks we can use in neuro-linguistic programming.

There are a handful of very strong techniques in the field of NLP. With understanding and practice of these techniques, you can make the rest of your life significantly better. I explain them all on my website
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