Police Infiltration by the NLP Cult.
Neurolinguistic Programming

Police Infiltration by the NLP Cult.

It is amazing that some police forces around the world still persist in attempting to use NLP techniques for interrogation and other purposes. Both because it doesn?t work and far more worryingly because it exposes police officers to the potential of being recruited into the cult at ?NLP Training? sessions run by cult members.

This excellent article in this month?s PoliceChief Magazine (in the US) debunks the use of NLP in policing.


Perspective on Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
By Gary I. Wilson, Colonel (Retired), United States Marine Corps, Carlsbad, California


NLP has captured the attention of law enforcement and interrogators regarding its application to detecting deception during interview and interrogation processes. Clearly, there is a lack of evidence-based data to support using NLP for ferreting out deception. Yet employing NLP techniques for detecting deception persists throughout law enforcement communities despite the dearth of supportive evidence. NLP utility for deciphering truth from deception is a myth. Nonetheless, it is still touted for investigative interviewing. Those working in the area of forensics need to be aware of the shortcomings of methods that are not evidence based. It is essential to strive for the use of techniques and methods that are supported by research data??The only certain method of discerning truth relies on the corroboration of the known facts independent of the information provided by the person interviewed.

Brainwashed NLP Police Force.

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