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Coaching is very important in every field of life- sports, business, education or life. It is considered as compulsory in every sphere and has been accepted globally. The certification program comprising a period of five days will provide the foundation of building a reasonable executive coaching organization. Coaching include sports coaching, therapists, life coaching, managers, teachers, HR professionals, health care professionals, and many more. NLP will provide with a workshop which will help you in every manner to achieve your goals. It works practically and includes coaching, mentoring, handling the four hindrance to performance, involvement of GROW project, knowledge on handling of clients, effective communication and language skills, motivating the participants, use of NLP education in coaching, therapy, supervision and all about the coaching business. Ralph Watson is the guide of this program, an experienced coach in handling the participants. He is a master trainer in NLP. He combines NLP, coaching, emotional intelligence and accelerated learning in your coaching period. This unique combination produces an unforgettable experience for the participants. Quantum Transformation Coaching utilizes many philosophies and apply the practical aspects of them in the coaching sessions. The coaching session will inculcate such beliefs in you that will change your life. One of the most important point upon which stress is put is communication skills. This will help you in understanding yourself as well as the people and incidents around you in a better way. The connection of the five senses with the world and how this realization will help you in understanding different people around you is focused upon. The teaching will help you overcome your fears and weaknesses and attain self-confidence in all the spheres of life.

- Coach Training
Practitioners Doris Greenwood is an experienced practitioner in communication and leadership. She has had twenty-eight years of practice in training and coaching. She uses practical methods and life-changing propagandas. Terri Ann...

- Nlp In Layman's Terms
Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is the integration of three important concepts in our lives. It is the combination of our neuro (brain) processes, our linguistic inputs of experience, and the programming that occurs between the two. As a science,...

- Nlp Master Practitioner Certification Workshop - Mid October 2007
With Nick Le Force This is truly an experiential International NLP Master Practitioner Certification by Nick Le Force. Take advantage of this and be certified NOW. Nick LeForce has over 30 years of experience in the field of human communication and...

- Applications Of Nlp
Today was another new day where I was invited to speak to a group of NLP Practitioners with regards to applications of NLP in their daily lives. I first facilitated them to set out their outcomes for the day. Thereafter, I went on find a common one amongst...

- Corporate Profile - Lsp
Life Success Productions Asia Sdn Bhd (LSP) is a dynamic and wholly Malaysian owned enterprise focused on delivering the knowledge and application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Malaysian individuals and corporations. LSP has also hosted several...

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