NLP Application In Management
Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP Application In Management

I have found that being honest is the best technique I can use.

Right up front, tell people what you're trying to accomplish

and what you're willing to sacrifice to accomplish it.

Lee Iacocca ? Former President Ford Motor Company
Saviour of Chrysler

This element of the program is designed to fine-tune the elements of the programs already taken into a fully functional program for success. Individuals attending this high-energy program will take a completely new focus on life and career perspective.

This fast-moving and in-depth program will tie together the elements discovered so far in earlier programs. It is LSP's intention that participants will discover new and revealing insights into their own behavior. At the same time they will discover their true strengths and learn how to adapt those for true accomplishment and success.

This program is a pre-requisite for the any or continued programs.

Extend and fine-tune your influence and especially your ability to communicate, coach, motivate, transform and manage.

Develop the skills and behavioral flexibility essential for coping with today's flatter corporate structures, cross-functional responsibilities, team structures and remote management.

Management in the 2000s

The art of managing and leading has always been dynamic. Today, the art is changing more quickly and dramatically than ever before. And the demands made by these changes are generally in what used to be called the soft skills areas such as the ability to be able to -

Communicate easily and skilfully with your peers, direct reports and with senior management;

Understand the thinking and emotional make-up of your team and of the individuals within that team - and of the manner in which these individuals pull together;

Understand yourself so you are not easily influenced or manipulated;

Manage your moods - you are constantly in the public eye and cannot afford to have off-days;

Know what makes people tick and know how to utilize values to motivate individuals - as individuals; and

Inspire people by 'selling' them your vision and getting their 'buy-in' to this vision...

NLP People Skills

NLP is recognized at one of the best available systems of integrated people-skills and LSP is able to drawn on the experience and well-traveled status of our international coaches in the use of NLP in business.

Who should attend -

All Managers & Team Leaders

Those Seeking Unequaled Growth In Business

Sales Staff Searching For Increased Rewards

Executives With Unfulfilled Potential

Leaders Embarking On A New Career Path



Corporate Directors

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