NLP Application In Excellent Personal Power
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NLP Application In Excellent Personal Power

It Matters Little Whether You Believe You Can Do a Thing ? or ?

Believe You Can?t, Either Way, You?ll Always Prove Yourself Right

Henry Ford (1863 ? 1947)

The greatest determinant in our ability to achieve endless success and fulfillment is our belief about that. When Henry Ford said those words he was being ridiculed by the greater part of American Business and Government as a Dreamer and Fantasist. But he had a belief that given the passage of time made him a visionary.

The same is true of all of us. We each have inside a visionary who is capable of achieving what ever we truly believe in. All too often we allow those negative comments from well meaning friends and associates limit our belief in ourselves.

NLP is specifically designed to totally eliminate restrictive and limiting beliefs that retard our ability in business. NLP's experience has shown that this is a most profound and compelling skill that will unlock the real Personal Power Transformation process.

Do you like to excel and win in sports? Who doesn't?

In sports, being able to utilize and manage your mental attitude is extremely critical. Mind-over-muscle to do what you thought was never possible; be it in a local competition or the Olympics. NLP has being applied to Olympic teams to gain strong and excellent mental state anchoring.

NLP provides a very effective route to identifying what accounts for the results one gets - irrespective of favorable or unfavorable results.

You can use NLP to analyse successful performance to further improve the skills-attitude blend, or to pass it on to others. You can scrutinize an unsuccessful or poor performance to determine which of the contributing elements to replace and which of them to modify.

Mind-Muscle Communication And Power

Every regular sports participant, whether it be an individual or team activity, knows that the body affects the mind and the mind affects the body.

If you are preoccupied with something at home or at work your game will be undoubtedly affected. If, as you serve in your tennis game, something like a noise or unexpected movement catches your attention your serve is affected. If a member of the opposing team irritates you this can seriously harm your concentration.

NLP in sports, at it most basic, enables us to manage our mind-body so that we are continuously in the best mental and physical state for successfully and enjoyably in the flow

Whether as participants, coaches or managers we can use NLP to 'model' or study a person's performance and strategy in order to identify how exactly they do something. We can identify how they successfully perform a particular operation in order to enable them to do this more consistently (or to teach their skill to someone else). And, of course, we can identify how precisely they unsuccessfully perform an operation in order to coach them in better ways of doing it in an excellent way.

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