The NLP Controversy
Neurolinguistic Programming

The NLP Controversy

NLP is the study of excellence in human behavior according to many people. It has had a controversial history filled with law suits over ownership of the copy right for the intellectual property and is one of the best publicised therapeutic models in history.

NLP was first created By Dr Richard Bandler and Dr. john Grinder in the 1970s. The two founders of the NLP movement both already had a long history of academic excellence. Bandler was a computer programmer and Grinder a linguist and author. They lived in California and spent time with people such as Fritz Perls who created Gestalt therapy and Virginia Satir the founder of family therapy. They later went on to study Dr Milton Erickson who was thought of as the worlds greatest Medical hypnotist at the time.

Bandler and Grinder applied what is now known as Modelling to the work of Satir, Perls and Erickson. The process of modelling studies the behavior of experts in such great detail that it even takes account of how that person is standing and breathing;whether they blink their eyes while performing an action or not and what effect this has on their performance. After gathering this behavioral data it is used to teach others to get the same or sometimes even better results by doing exactly the same thing the experts had done.

The results were remarkable and NLP was hailed by many as being magic. NLP reduced the time needed to treat PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder ) and other processes we developed for creating rapid change.

Therapy no longer needed to carried out over years or decades even and the world had turned a corner, or so it seemed.

Things changed for the worse when Richard Bandler addressed the American Association of Psychotherapists and it is said he told the assembled members that they were not effective as therapists.

This is what started a controversy around neuro-linguistic programming and it's origins. It was said that much of what Bandler and Grinder wrote was taken from the work of William James, the father of modern psychology.

When John Grinder and Richard Bandler parted company in the early 1980s there was more controversy over who owned the copyright to the term Neurolinguistic programming. There were lengthy court cases which eventually decided that neither party could establish copy right. Nonetheless other co-developers of NLP such as Dr. Michael Hall renamed what he taught as Neuro Semantics to avoid any litigation or potential litigation. Other practitioners of NLP such as Tony Robbins also changed the name of what they taught.

Despite its turbulent and somewhat checkered history NLP is taught to many thousands of people around the world every year and it is currently seeking to shake off its shady reputation through conducting scientific research that will finally validate the claims made for it.

Michael Noone is a communication skills specialist and NLP trainer living in Thailand with his partner Evelyne Draper.

They have worked together for many years teaching clear communication which leads to trust and understanding between people. The net result of that is cooperation...the place where conflict disappears and shared, common values drive the efforts of everyone involved. NLP is a tool for communicating better with yourself and with other people so that you get the influence, results and respect that you want.
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