NLP Basics - NLP Explained & Simplified
Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP Basics - NLP Explained & Simplified

NLP simplified, explained and made your brain really works & how to gear it for optimism, resilience, congruence, self-esteem, abundance and living with intention!

- Connection: how to gain incredible rapport with others
- Learn what truly motivates and drives yourself and others
- Gain powerful influence strategies
- easier relationships
- Easily control emotional states & understand the structure of 'depression', anxieties, phobias etc.
- How to develop your own effective strategies for your everyday life
- How to install the excellent beliefs you really want for yourself
- How to coach others into success as well

Big claims to make? Sounds almost to good to be true...and yet if you could understand truly how your mind works and find a way to harness the power, would you be willing to learn how?

Think for a moment, we don't grow up and on our first day of school get given a users manual for our brain, or anyone else's brain for that matter! And yet such science exists, in a user friendly format. A science that is called magic...NLP!

We now know how to change beliefs, get over hurt, forge a massive and compelling future and get congruent about the things you are really going for in life.

What does NLP stand for?

NLP comes from mixed fields linguistics and computer programming hence the idea that we can program our neurology for excellence, success etc

A journey of meaning; meaning that the strategy is usually at fault. There is a wild program in your mind-body computer if you will. If you want to easily make friends, stay optimistic, learn, stay healthy, looking at the world through the eyes of opportunities, etc., then you just need a strategy. You work perfectly well (using an in correct strategy is no crime we simply stop it and install an new strategy). NLP, as a model of human functioning, agrees with this slightly radical attitude that, people are not broken they work well (and are using an incorrect strategy) Assuming that people work perfectly well, that they have all the resources that they need, and that the only problem isn't them, but with their programming we are now free to install a different program or solution.

Hence someone with depression or anxiety is interpreted as having a great skill in something like perseverance, consistency, staying true or even focused over long periods. Sounds crazy...hey that's how they got into a mess and when fighting fire with fire, a coach with this attitude and interpretation will work magic, helping that client doubt their difficulty and believe in the promise of a new strategy.

NLP has it's roots in CBT and Cognitive Linguistics, general semantics, anthropology, psychotherapy in particular hypnosis. If we stay this side of the twenty first centry we begin most likely with Alfred Korzybski probably because he coined the terms neuro-linguistic, neuro-semantic and design engineering (hence Bandler's new Design Human Engineering). Grinders influences via Transformational Grammar (Noam Chomsky), and Cybernetics via his personal mentor Gregory Bateson.


- NLP stands for neuro linguistic programming & was born in 1970s
- The first two words are usually hyphened as "neuro-linguistic"
- The term neuro-linguistic: coined by semanticist Alfred Korzybski & his book Science & Sanity 1933.
- Neuro-linguistic simply means brain or mind languages (including the mind-body languages)
- Neuro-linguistic programming means the languages that program our neurology

By Darryl Howrie
NLP Master Trainer, Author & Coach
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Author: For over 10 years Darryl has presented, trained and coached communication skills. He is an NLP trainer and director of NLP Training & Coaching. He has appeared on national TV and radio and is a sought after speaker for communication skills.
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