How to Use the Power of Self Hypnosis
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How to Use the Power of Self Hypnosis

How to master the power of self hypnosis

When most people go about doing self hypnosis they end up getting frustrated. It's not that they can't be hypnotized, they haven't found out how to do it properly. To utilize the power of self hypnosis you need to first know what you want to accomplish with it. Without having a solid intent, self hypnosis wont do you any good.

Imagine self-hypnosis as a compass that helps you to drive your car to the correct destination. Without any fuel your car will sit there and do absolutely nothing. As you're reading this start to think about a small goal you would like to accomplish. Would you like to quit smoking, lose weight, become happier, etc?

Once you have a goal in mind you need to discover what will make this goal desirable. How are you going to feel when you have accomplished this goal?

Take the next couple of moments to connect with the emotions that you're going to feel when you achieve this goal. Simply close your eyes and imagine as if you have already achieved this goal.

With your eyes closed imagine everything you're going to see, hear and feel. Will there be other people around or will you be by yourself? Are you going to be indoors or outdoors? Will it be daytime or nighttime? Take as much time to make this visualization as powerful as possible. You'll want to notice the emotional feelings that this causes you to feel.

With those feelings in place you are now ready to use the power of self hypnosis. There are countless ways to do self hypnosis. The two following ways are the best in my opinion:

Have a hypnotherapist hypnotize you so that you can use the power of self hypnosis.
At times it can be easier to have a hypnotherapist do much of the grunt work. A competent practitioner can hypnotize you and give you a trigger to get back into a state of Hypnosis. This usually works 75% of the time. I personally like doing it myself because it allows me to feel as if I've accomplished more on my own.

Use Betty Ericksons Self Hypnosis method.
Betty Erickson, wife of world renowned Hypnotherapist Milton Erickson, had a very simple way to do self hypnosis. Most people have found this to be one of the most effective ways to harness the power of self hypnosis. Below you will see a basic outline of the Betty Erickson Self Hypnosis method.
  1. Get in a comfortable position

  2. Mentally say to yourself something along the lines of "I'm going Hypnosis for the purpose of losing weight for the next 20 minutes... after 20 minutes I will automatically awaken from this trance" for example.

  3. With your eyes open mentally tell yourself 3 things that you see nice and slowly.

  4. With your eyes still open mentally tell yourself 3 things that you can feel.

  5. Once again with your eyes open mentally tell yourself 3 things you can feel.

  6. After completing the round of 3 things repeat step 2 to 4 with 2 things you see, feel and hear. Then repeat steps 2 to 4 with 1 thing you see, feel and hear.

  7. Eventually after some practice you may notice how you don't make it past the first round. This is a great sign!

  8. Once you are in a state of hypnosis begin to remember the visualization you created earlier. Just allow your unconscious to play around in this mental representation.
It will take some practice to get good at self hypnosis. The more you practice self hypnosis the more quickly you'll be able to master the power of self hypnosis.

How would you like to learn self hypnosis easily and effortlessly? Three months from now after you've successfully mastered the power of self hypnosis and you've been achieving your goals you'll look back and be glad that you read this article. You might also like some of my reviews of the top hypnosis products.

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